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A brief history

In the early 15th century, Chateau des Granges d’Or established its first vineyard in Medoc region. After more than five centuries of baptism, it has accumulated hundred years of unique brewing technology heritage. And the wine produced by Chateau des Granges d’Or which relies on high-end outstanding quality, has nowadays successfully labeled itself as a paragon among Crus Bourgeois.

In 1932, Chateau des Granges d’Or was rated as Cru Bourgeois in Bordeaux region.
The Chateau is located in the Frenc Bordeaux Medoc legal production area, where soil is clay limestone. Vineyards are planted according to the principles of nature and humanity and every task is carried out after careful consideration of the environment and the maintenance of the vines.
Close to the Atlantic Ocean, it is neither excessively cold in winter, nor excessively hot in summer. Thanks to the natural latitude advantage, near 16 hours of light and intensity, the grape here has a more perfect maturity and taste.
Perfect and beautiful Bordeaux red, elegant blue fruit aroma. There are even more tastes filled in mouth, with the stronger fragrance of blue fruit combined with the beautiful flameout of black fruit (black gallon, mulberry and blueberry). Fine and delicate wood flavour brings the touch of spices and cocoa. Desired tannins correspond to the palate, sweet, rich and harmonious.
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1 Les Granges d'Or
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