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A brief history

Château de Seguin in its current form, with its two pointed towers and very large, was built in 1780. The History of Chateau de Seguin is actually much older, since we go back a thousand years earlier, in 780 exactly, to find traces of the Count of Seguin, Administrator of the Emperor Charlemagne. A very old noble past is tied to this land, and the impressive number of buildings shows that the property was dedicated to agriculture, livestock and wine.
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Established in 1780

Château de Seguin 3 chemin du Bon Coin • CS 80101
France, Gironde


Château de Seguin Wines

Featured Wines

Château de Seguin Sauvignon de Seguin Bottle Preview
Château de SeguinSauvignon de Seguin

Château de Seguin Château de Seguin Bordeaux Supérieur Bottle Preview
Château de SeguinChâteau de Seguin Bordeaux Supérieur

This is one of Bordeaux’s pure pleasure wines: very smooth, crispy and incredibly fruity.

Château de Seguin Cuvée Carpe Diem Bottle Preview
Château de SeguinCuvée Carpe Diem

This cuvée is the jewel of the estate. An ultra-premium and elegant wine showing all the potential of Château de Seguin oldest and best quality plots aged in new oak barrels . The Cuvée Carpe Diem is regularly praised by international wine critics and has become one of the benchmark wines of the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation.