A rich wine full of density.

Intense and powerful nose based on ripe apricot aromas.


In mouth, a nice balance thanks to acidity and freshness. Very good lengh in mouth.

Growing Conditions

siliceous, sandy with a gravel clayey texture


From the 6th to the 25th October.

The year didn't began very well, the weather was very contrasting with an execrable spring and a very dry summer. Thanks to the rain at the beginning of Sepember, then to an indian summer, we have been witnessing a developpement of a perfect botrytis, at the start of October, which is the feature of this vintage.

2016 is part of great vintages !


Each grape variety is vinified separatly.

The pressuring is direct and the settling of must need about 10 hours. Then the lees are reintroduced before the fermentation starts in french oak barrels with 1/3 new each year.

Toppings up are made regularly and the rackings done every three months.


The wine is agedin french oak barrels for between 2 or 3 years after the harvest.

Food Pairing

Plain or stir-fry "foie gras"

Spicy courses like chicken curry

Sweet and savoury courses like duck withe peach

Delicious with blue cheese like Stilton or Roquefort

Citrus fruit's salad and strawberry's salad with basil or mint