Château de l'Anglais is a strongly built wine with fruity aromas, vanilla and toasted undertones.

Growing Conditions

The estate wines are exclusively from one grape variety that express itself fully in our clay-limestone soil: Merlot.
The grapes are harvested when reaching optimal ripeness. Because we promote a sensible land exploitation, we produced fruity wines with a soft and silky tannin structure.
Wether they are young and fruity or more matured robust wines, all our crus are turned into wine in a traditional way. We use cement tuns with regulated temperatures and don't exclude the modern wine making technique if they appear to be necessary ( cold prefermentation soaking, unballasting, blood letting, yeast selection).


Nutured for 12 months in oak barrels. It can be stored for a ten years period.

Food Pairing

This cru is a greedy wine that will go happily together with traditional or more modern cuisine.