On the nose, it offers the impression of very refined maturation with floral, fruity and spicy aromas.


When sipped, it is very clean in the attack, followed by an explosion of very ripe fruit on the palate. Power a complexity is counterbalanced by the freshness of cabernet franc and a rich, voluptuous finish. A fine wine that combines density, roundness and elegance.

Growing Conditions

The 2017 vintage at Château de Ferrand heralds a wine which fortunately escaped the irreversible vagaries of the weather and saw a high-quality harvest.
Château de Ferrand’s terroir and particular geographic location on the Saint-Hippolyte clay-limestone plateau helped to boost its growth cycle.
Apart from the impact of April’s low temperatures (which slowed vine growth), a mild spring and rather dry summer were beneficial to the vine’s development.
Harvest time came early thanks to high summer temperatures and low levels of rainfall. The grapes were small in size and very concentrated.
Harvest volumes were satisfactory and offered excellent quality potential.


Its appearance heralds its youth, a deep red with touches of garnet and purple.