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Château Dassault

A brief history

The Dassault family, a passionate pioneer of the aeronautics industry, new technologies and the art markets, took an early interest in fine wines.
Marcel Dassault, visionary captain of industry, acquired Château Couperie in 1955 on a stroke of heart. He renamed the property to his name and did everything to make it a recognized Grand Cru.
The property has seen the quality of its wine production improve year after year.
In 1969, with its accession to the rank of Grand Cru Classé, Château Dassault reached its true dimension.
Transmit over time the requirement necessary to age great wines.
This is the meaning and mission of Dassault Wine Estates
The Dassault family created "Dassault Wine Estates" because today, quality wine has become a real issue on a global scale.
It is an art of living, a heritage value, a sign of excellence. It is becoming essential to apply to this sector the values ​​which have made the great successes and the sustainability of French know-how.
These entrepreneurial values ​​of passion, progress, and the constant quest for excellence, which are those of the Dassault family, apply to all of the group's wine activities.
The Dasssaut Wine Estates have extended over the years over nearly fifty hectares and today form one of the largest wine estates in Saint Emilion.

Château Dassault Wines