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Château d'Escurac

A brief history

Château d’Escurac is a beautiful property in Civrac-Médoc covering 120 hectares of which 40 are under vine. Jean-Marc Landureau, owner from 1990 to 2017, created 4 wines: Château d’Escurac, Château Haut-Myles, La Chapelle d’Escurac and Pépin d’Escurac. Château d’Escurac and Château Haut-Myles are classified Cru Bourgeois appellation Médoc. Today, Anne Landureau, his daughter, is perpetuating her father’s work and the estate continues to be managed by the dedicated team that has been in place for many years.
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Scfed Landureau Route D’Escurac
France, Gironde


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