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Chateau d'Eck

A brief history

Château d'Eck, built at the end of the 11th century, located in the town of Cadaujac.

Eck Castle is one of the most beautiful expressions of medieval architecture in our region. Flanked by four towers and a surrounding wall several meters high, you can admire machicolations and loopholes.

Property of a great alderman of Bordeaux, it was the residence of bishops from the 13th to the 15th century. John of Goth stayed there for 3 years before becoming Pope Clement 5.

William 4, King of England, confiscated it before Edward I, his son, returned it to the clergy. Called Freytets then Fruitets, it ended up being renamed Eck during the French Revolution.

In 1999, Frédéric Gonet acquired this majestic estate and undertook the renovation of the roofs and old stones. The replanting of the vineyard restores the wine-growing character of these places where vacations and good wine have gone hand in hand for almost 800 years.
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France, Gironde

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