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Château Climens

A brief history

This noble sweet white wine, so spirited and graceful, is like no other. If, with its balance and freshness, it represents the quintessence of the Barsac appellation, it also has the strength and magnificence of the greatest Sauternes.

Climens is famous for the elegance of its wine, but also for its sustained excellence; even in less-than-great vintages, the wines produced are always magical, characterized by brilliance and depth, born of its unique terroir.

The preservation and expression of this incomparable terroir have been carefully maintained over the centuries by the families in charge, and the audacious choice of biodynamics made by the present owner, Berenice Lurton, is perfectly in line with this high level of exigence. Implemented in 2010 over the whole vineyard, this revolution has been supported with enthusiasm by all the team at Climens. The estate is now the only First Classified Growth in the Bordeaux area to be Biodynamics certified.

This special grace, the result of tightness and minerality that are distinctive features of Climens wines, is accompanied by an extraordinary aromatic palette, marrying flowery perfumes, aromas of fruit, spices, and often a soupçon of fresh eucalyptus or mint. In their youth the wines show more citrus fruit (grapefruit, lemon, citron), fresh fruit and white flower flavours that echo the pale colour of the wine. Whatever the vintage, the wines age slowly, their unrivalled texture becomes ever more complex and subtle, while their colour slowly turns to amber. Each vintage is very different but possesses this harmonious blend of tenderness and energy which constitutes the inimitable charm of Climens wines

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