The nose is redolent of tremendously fruity and floral notes, with touches of raspberry and violet. Swirling in the glass reveals a more intense bouquet with black cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant aromas. The ever-present floral notes go on to develop rose and lilac overtones. Spicy and balsamic nuances round off the already complex bouquet with cocoa beans and black pepper aromas. The nose is impressively fresh, complex, and well-defined.


The wine starts out sumptuously rich and full-bodied on the palate. The powerful, rich tannins contribute to the deep, long, firm, well-balanced, and refined structure. Very elegant, it coats the palate and continues into a long, crunchy, fresh aftertaste. The finish marks a return to floral and fruity aromas with spicy overtones. The precision and balance of this wine are on par with the estate’s greatest vintages.

Growing Conditions

After a very wet January, the weather in February was normal for the season. There was twice the usual
rain in March whilst April was in line with the norm. May and June were very wet although not unusually so. Finally, dry weather set in from mid-June. The temperatures in the first half of the year were normal although February was exceptionally cold and April was a couple of degrees warmer than average. Moderate temperatures were recorded in July and August. These months were fairly dry apart from some rainfall in the first week of July. September was quite dry with only 26 mm of rainfall. As a result, the grapes reached perfect maturity and the harvest was completed in October in glorious weather.


The 2018 vintage will stick in people’s memories because of the extensive presence of mildew in the vineyards. Fortunately, the weather took an about-turn in August, September and October resulting in a harvest of exceptional quality.


Deep, intense red colour.