This wine opens up with earthy, slightly peaty notes before giving way to aromas of cedar. A few swirls in the glass release an explosion of fruity aromas and reveal a fluid, ethereal and almost weightless nose, a sign of its remarkable complexity.


The splendour of the vintage truly comes into its own on the palate with its rich attack and juicy, creamy overtones yet without the slightest hint of heaviness. Quite the contrary, this richness actually elongates the palate with notes of ripe fruit, raspberries and morello cherries. It also has this long, precise salinity to it which structures the finish. A lively, mineral touch from the limestone plateau adds the finishing touches and brings the wine’s freshness back to the forefront.

Growing Conditions

Winter: exceptionally mild
Spring: very rainy
Summer: very hot from July onwards
Autumn: the rain returned as of the Solstice

SOIL: Clay-limestone plateau
DENSITY OF PLANTATION: Between 6,500 and 7,200 plants/ha


By hand and transported in small crates.

Merlot: 4 to 21 September
Cabernet Franc: 18 September to 23 September

YIELD: 40hl / ha


Separate vinification, vatting using gravity, into conical shaped stainless steel vats with a double walled system for temperature control. Malolactic: 1/3 in new barrels and 2/3 in stainless steel vats.


In French oak barrel, with a medium or medium-long toasting. 18 months with 50% new barrels