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A brief history

The vineyard of Château Calon has been built up step by step over the three centuries by the family who still runs it. It is located all around the culminating point of Calon hill.
Calon was once part of the Cistercian abbey of Faise and has only recently come into the township of Montagne. The exact origin of the name is unknown. However, on the spot of the present chais (working halls) the remnants of a roman grain silo have been found. The Greeks also came to this region, as is shown by place names like Arès or Auros …
With its five fifteenth century windmills, from the top of those one has a magnificent view over Saint-Emilion vineyards, the site is very beautiful.
In Greek, the word « Calon » means beauty. Therefore, a link between the etymology of the name, local history and the geographic situation is quite possible.
The Greeks always associated beauty and excellence. The quality of the wine today, together with the beautiful spot, are a live witness to a tradition of ages of wine making.

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France, Gironde

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