The fruity nose is somewhat restrained but opens when aerated to reveal elegant aromas of red fruit and spices with a hint of toastiness.


The front-of-palate with its smooth, creamy tannins is counterbalanced by fine length and discreet, refined oak. A very feminine wine made with beautifully ripe Merlot.

Growing Conditions

This estate of 8 uninterrupted hectares, which has been owned for several decades now by Jean-François Carrille, is situated in the municipality of Lussac. The vines are planted on a mainly clay soil which yields generous, robust wines. The harvesting is done by hand to preserve the great aromatic potential of the grapes.

Terroir:Soil and subsoil: ferruginous clay


Bottled at the château


Like Château Cardinal Villemaurine, a Saint Emilion Grand Cru, which also belongs to Jean-François Carrille, the wines are made using traditional techniques, but with modern equipment for temperature control and grape reception. Harvesting is done by hand to preserve the great aromatic potential of the grapes, followed by careful sorting to ensure top quality; fermentation is carried out under temperature control and the vats and barrels are filled by gravity to avoid damaging the wines. The wines are aged in barrels for 12 months to 2 years in spacious underground cellars carved into the limestone rock, which offer excellent storage conditions.


Beautiful, sustained ruby red.