Growing Conditions

The vine awoke really early in Spring 2020. The rather heavy rains along with temperatures above the seasonal averages allowed for an early and fast flowering.
Our experience on precedent vintages, conducted in organic farming, allowed us to contain a particularly virulente disease in May.
July and Agust were summery, marked by a drought which did not harm the vine thanks to our soil’s water reserves and the deep rooting of our vines.
The harvest began early, starting with the harvest of the first merlots on September 14th. The showers of September refined the carbenets francs’ maturity while keeping all their freshness.


Handpicked harvest with selective sorting
14th September to 21st September for merlots 28th September for cabernets francs


In little temperature-controlled vats (30 à 60 HL) Pigeage (the cap is punched three times a day), 5% of whole harvest


12 to 15 months
35% new barrel 225 L and 400 L |35% 1 wine 7% 2 wines | 15% concrete vat | 8% Amphora