The nose is intense. It harmoniously combines woody, spicy, fruity and floral notes and reveals its great complexity when aired.


The attack is large, the mid-palate is dense and has a high sweetness. The wine is concentrated and chewy. It is beautifully balanced. The grainy, silky and coated tannins give the wine a great elegance.
Undoubtedly a Brane of long aging.

Growing Conditions

2018 was a special year because of the very high threat of mildew. We had to be very vigilant to combat this disease, adopting the most natural possible strategy while avoiding excessive use of copper, high doses of which can sterilize the soil. The summer was superb, resulting in an exceptional vintage. The vines did not suffer during the dry period thanks to high groundwater reserves at the start of the growing season and the good water retention capacity of the property’s clay-gravel soil.


Vinification: in oak casks.


18 months in French oak barrels, with 70% new.


Deep and dark color with purplish reflections.