An expressive nose, a sophisticated combination of pure black and red fruits.


The palate is wonderfully smooth with powerful intensity, maintaining its fineness and elegance.

A beautiful acidity, propelling the wine on a long finish

Growing Conditions

Following a mild Winter, an early and uniform budburst appeared across the vines.
In Spring, the weather was cool and damp and the vine growth slow. Conditions were not optimal for flowering: some plots showed slight coulure.

From the beginning of the Summer, the situation changed completely. With above-average temperatures, the vines made up for the delay in Spring, and the synthesis of the tannins in the grapes began to accelerate.

Throughout the Summer, significant hydric stress set in, which intensified all the way up to the harvest, producing perfect ripening of the phenolic compounds in the berries. The total level of hydric stress is comparable to that seen in 2009 and only slightly lower than in 2010, 2016 or 2018.


The harvest began on September 19th with the very early Merlot, rich and concentrated, with good acidity. Around September 22nd, rainfall aided the refinement of the tannins and limited the potential danger of excessive sugar concentration.

The harvest ended on October 9th following several breaks, to ensure ripening across all the plots, before rainfall set in for a long period.

The late ripening grapes were harvested in perfect condition.


Average yield of 43hl/ha, caused by a small amount of coulure and the particularly small size of the Cabernet Sauvignon.


Rich, intense colour.