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A brief history

Bonnange is about twenty hectares around Blaye.

We work here with respect for nature and the soil and a natural approach to winemaking.

We develop our wines with careful attention and complete freedom - and the ambition to offer wines of great aromatic purity.
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10 chemin des Roberts
France, Gironde


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Château Bonnange Château Bonnange Bottle Preview
Château BonnangeChâteau Bonnange

CHÂTEAU BONNANGE is our Bordeaux par excellence – pure and elegant, with freshness and balance; its fruity aromatic delicacy is supported by silky tannins and a subtle acidity.

Château Bonnange Le Cot Bottle Preview
Château BonnangeLe Cot

Bonnange is about 20 hectares of the best plots in Blaye. We work there with respect for nature and soils and a natural approach of winemaking. We design our wines according to our ideas, with total freedom. LE COT is an invitation to travel – our smooth and elegant version of Malbec, with spicy and fruity delicacy.