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Château Barde-Haut

A brief history

A medieval town, Saint Emilion was classified as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999.
Saint Emilion is a beautiful winegrowing region where, for nearly 1,000 years, generations of men and women have devoted themselves to producing an exceptional wine.

It is with the benefit of this rich heritage, and with a view to preserving our ancestors’ legacy, that we perpetuate the winegrowing tradition at Château Barde-Haut. In this 250-year-old property, we are enthusiastically committed to working to high standards to offer great wines from past, present and future vintages.

Because we are living in a period of change, in which the future depends on how we live and consume products, and because we can all play a role on our own scale in this change, the use of renewable resources has been one of our priorities in the management of this modern, responsible winegrowing operation.
If you could invent an extraordinary terroir, you might create something like château Barde-Haut.

A south-facing amphitheatre, it has a limestone base that is covered with a superb, very robust layer of clay.

When the clay is saturated with water, the limestone absorbs the surplus and stores it, making it available again to the vines again in the event of a drought.

An arrangement between the elements that enables the vines to combat harsh conditions, and surpass themselves to offer the rich, concentrated fruit whose expression characterizes the great wines of Saint Emilion’s limestone plateau.

Château Barde-Haut Wines