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A brief history

Vignobles is made up of 60 hectares of vines mainly planted with Merlot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
We plow a large majority of our clay-limestone soils to no longer resort to herbicides.
Since 2020, we have also been practicing mating disruption, an environmentally friendly method for the fight against cluster worm.
The entire Vineyard has been certified High Environmental Value Level 3 since 2019. We protect biodiversity by having more than 30% of our surfaces in meadows or woodlands and we limit our inputs as much as possible.
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Established in 1865

1585 Route des Acacias
France, Gironde


Vignobles Coudert Wines

Featured Wines

Vignobles Coudert Château Castagnac Tradition Bottle Preview
Vignobles CoudertChâteau Castagnac Tradition

Château Castagnac is a magnificent property located on the right bank of Bordeaux. The first vines were planted in 1865 and for 5 generations, the COUDERT family has managed the estate. Thanks to a blend of Cabernet for the structure and Merlot for the fruitiness, the Cuvée Tradition is a perfectly balanced wine. It offers a powerful fruity nose with notes of plums and blackcurrant followed by a finish with velvety tannins. Tasting:

Vignobles Coudert Château Cleyrac Bottle Preview
Vignobles CoudertChâteau Cleyrac

Château Cleyrac dominates the Villegouge plateau by 12 hectares in one piece. For more than 15 years, the Coudert family has managed the estate mainly planted with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vignobles Coudert Château Castagnac Bottle Preview
Vignobles CoudertChâteau Castagnac

From a beautiful little vineyard of 3 hectares, we produce this exceptionnal wine out of the oldest vines of the Coudert property. It is aged in oak barrels renewed by third.

Vignobles Coudert Vendanges Bottle Preview
Vignobles CoudertVendanges

Behind each vintage are hiding anecdotes of the harvest which remain engraved in our memories of winemakers. In 2019, we carried out for the first time a vinification without sulphite on our entire harvest. Sustained notes of raspberries and strawberries were revealed to our greatest pleasure and it has since become a standard of our wines! Drink now, at room temperature after a light aeration, as an aperitif accompanied by a good cheese platter.

Vignobles Coudert Vigneron Bottle Preview
Vignobles CoudertVigneron

Winemakers for 5 generations, our terroir and our vines no longer hold any secrets for us. And yet, we are constantly surprised by the specificity and uniqueness that can be found in a wine every year. Discover this astonishing 2017 vintage marked by an episode of devastating frost in Bordeaux which left us some fruity, gourmet and fleshy nuggets with a slightly woody nose.

Vignobles Coudert Margot Bottle Preview
Vignobles CoudertMargot

An astonishing wine created in 2018 to celebrate the birth of Margot, 6th generation of the Coudert family. Sweet and mischievous, we wanted to create a cuvée in his image: a wine from the right bank composed only of Cabernet franc and sauvignon supported by a vinification without sulfite which brings a very beautiful aromaticity and silky tannins.