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A brief history

Born in Nigeria, raised in England and with business training in the world of petrochemicals – it’s fair to say that Jonathan Maltus doesn’t have the profile that you might expect for a‘vigneron’ in Bordeaux. But a man with a character as big and bold as his wines doesn’t need a category to fit into.
When searching for a place in France to fulfil his passion, Saint-Émilion, with its medieval town, centuries of tradition and multi-tier wine classification, couldn’t offer a more exciting opportunity for someone who loves breaking the rules as much as he loves making wine.
Once an unknown outsider criticised for his untraditional methods, 15 years later Jonathan became the first Englishman to receive a 100 Parker score and an Order of the British Empire for Winemaking from the Queen. Wine-lovers across the world started trading in their bottles of classic Bordeaux for something a lot more ‘Rock and Roll’.
And with the opening of Le Dôme’s new winery, the show goes on – louder than ever before.
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Established in 1994

1, Lieu-dit Les Verdiannes
France, Gironde




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Le Dôme, Saint-Émilion Le Dôme, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Bottle Preview
Le Dôme, Saint-ÉmilionLe Dôme, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

LE DÔME is allegedly the biggest expression of Cabernet Franc of a Bordeaux wine – surpassing CHATEAU CHEVAL BLANC and LE DÔME’s neighbour, CHATEAU ANGELUS. We started making the wine in 1996, two years after our arrival in Saint-Emilion. With only twenty five years of history LE DÔME competes with the greatest and most historic châteaux of the Appellation.

Le Dôme, Saint-Émilion Vieux Château Mazerat, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Bottle Preview
Le Dôme, Saint-ÉmilionVieux Château Mazerat, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

VIEUX CHATEAU MAZERAT is our latest purchase, and one that we’re really proud to own. In 1996 we bought the vineyard that is LE DOME from VIEUX CHATEAU MAZERAT, so to have the chance to purchase the mother-vineyard twelve years on was a great opportunity. It is for this reason that VIEUX CHATEAU MAZERAT’s label is the reverse of LE DOME’s – Ying and Yang.