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A brief history

Château Saint-Christophe is an independent winery in the commune of Saint-Christophe-des- Bardes, just two miles east of historic Saint-Emilion. Through successive generations of the Richard-Biès family, artisan winemakers have passed on their experience of caring for their 9 ha vineyard, rooted for half a century in a terroir rich in clay and limestone.
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35 Le Bourg
France, Gironde


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Château Saint-Christophe continues to produce its fruity, unoaked wine under the Saint-Emilion appellation, with vinification and ageing in vats. Aged in French oak for twelve months, the Grand Cru is a classic vin de garde displaying a neat balance between fruit and wood flavours. Finally a special cuvée called ‘Le Primas’, handpicked from a tiny parcel of centenarian vines and matured in new oak barrels, has been made in selected vintages since 2005 - this wine is only available in limited quantities.