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The family-owned Château Roquegrave estate takes its name from its terroir, the Château and vineyard are positioned on one of the highest points in the commune of Valeyrac overlooking the Gironde Estuary. The thirty hectares of vines are certified sustainable and grown on sandy gravel or clay gravel and the wine is made from classic Bordeaux grapes; Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot
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Médoc, Gironde, France

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Château RoquegraveChâteau Roquegrave Cru Bourgeois

We can only praise the regularity of Château Roquegrave. Since 1932, this castle has been on the popular list of Crus Bourgeois and the strengthening of selection criteria in 2008 has only confirmed its high quality. The castle does not lack assets: a name that evokes its precious terroir of gravel, a remarkable location on one of the highest rumps on the tip of the medoc. A classic of the medoc with elegance and power.