This Rieussec has a remarkable aromatic freshness, linked to the unusually high proportion of Sauvignon in the blend (25%). Aromas of citrus fruit, honey and candied apricots are accompanied by well-integrated oaky notes.


On the palate, the attack is direct. This is a robust wine characterized predominantly by citrus flavours with a slight bitterness that adds a certain subtlety to the overall impression. The finish is long with a hint of spice.

Growing Conditions

The winter of 2018 was the coldest we have had since 2010, mainly due to particularly severe weather in February. It was very rainy, with endless showers that continued throughout the spring. To find such wet conditions at the beginning of the season, you would have to go back to 2001. As a result, there was an unusually high threat of mildew that persisted from May into July. Such violent outbreaks of mildew had not been seen within living memory. Fortunately, the situation significantly improved over the summer, thanks to dry, hot weather which enabled us to restore the vineyard’s health and produce excellent quality grapes.


Since after 18 months of barrel-ageing this wine was already very balanced and rounded, we decided to shorten its ageing period by 10 months to preserve the full freshness of the Sauvignon. So, this is an unusual Rieussec, whose evolution we look forward to following closely.


18 to 26 months depending on the year, 50 to 55% in new barrels.


Beautiful bright golden colour.