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A brief history

Classified cru Bourgeois since 1932 this area of ​​14 hectares, located on the high plateau of the Medoc is one of the Fleurons of the appellation.
These vines are part of the history of the small town of Blaignan, we find the first mentions in the fourteenth century.
A true nugget it is with care, respect and passion that our teams elaborate each year unique and refined cuvées.
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34 Rue de Verdun
France, Gironde

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To reach the vineyards from the Château, you must cross several small wooden bridges. The Château’s name is derived from this unique feature (“pont” means bridge in French). A Gascon spin was put on the name of the vintage, changing it from Pontet to Pontey. From 1932 to 2003, this estate was included in the select group of wines classified as Cru Bourgeois Supérieur, until new regulations eliminated this designation.