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A brief history

Château Ormes de Pez belongs to the Médoc landscape since the 18th century.
Located West of Saint-Estèphe and bordering the hamlet of Pez, the estate owes its name to a magnificent grove of elm trees, which no longer exists today.
Château Ormes de Pez is the second property – after Château Lynch-Bages – acquired by the Cazes family in 1939.

The vineyard extends over two distinct terroirs: the Cabernets thrive on the gravelly parcels composed of quartz and rolled pebbles whereas Merlot is best-suited to the cooler, sandy-clay parcels.
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29 Route des Ormes de Pez
France, Gironde


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The wines from Ormes de Pez are powerful yet characterised by their harmonious structure. They are indulgent, pleasurable and combine a smooth, fleshy texture with the distinctive elegance of a Saint-Estèphe. Made using the traditional grape varieties, these wines are rich, full-bodied and generous. They are made of predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon and complemented by a significant amount of Merlot for a combination of longevity and smoothness. The resulting wines are rich and fruity with a rather imposing tannic backbone. They are seductive in their youth and develop their finesse after a few years of bottle age.