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A brief history

The first trace of Château Magdeleine Bouhou dates back to the 18th century, with the evocation of “Domain Bouhou” in a register.

In the 19th century, the estate became the property of wine merchants from Bordeaux : MM. Arnaut and Jeantet. The wife of Mr. Arnaud and the daughter of Mr. Jeantet were both named Madeleine and they had strong personalities. As a link between these two families, the property took the name Magdeleine-Bouhou.

Early in 1968, Chateau Magdeleine-Bouhou had been classified Premier Cru Bourgeois in the second edition of “Bordeaux and its wines”, see the Ch. Cocks & Ed. Feret reference guide.

After four generations in the same family, Andrew Aekin and Naomi Murtagh purchased Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou for the love of his terroir and with the aim of continuing the work done for the quality of the wines. Since the day one, investment has started with the plantation of white grape varieties, the development of a Gîte and the creation of the micro-distillery "Two Origins distillery" in the cellar of the Château.
A redesign of the packaging is underway to re-create an identity with Château Puynard, the first property of Andrew and Nomi.

The property will enter in 2022 in his first year of Organic winegrowing, certified by Ecocert, after almost ten years of wok in this direction.
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Established in 1908

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France, Gironde


Château Magdeleine Bouhou Wines

Featured Wines

Château Magdeleine Bouhou Château Magdeleine Bouhou GRAND VIN Bottle Preview
Château Magdeleine BouhouChâteau Magdeleine Bouhou GRAND VIN

The flagship wine of the property, from the limestone soil selection with our two main grape varieties : Merlot and Malbec. 12 month aging in french aok barrel with a third of new barrel. A great attention is paid to the choice of toasting to keep the finess of the wine which is the trademark of the property.

Château Magdeleine Bouhou La Petite Madeleine 100% Malbec - No Sulfites Added Bottle Preview
Château Magdeleine BouhouLa Petite Madeleine 100% Malbec - No Sulfites Added

A single plot wine made with the goal to propose the pure expression of the grape variety. A really surprising wine full of freshness with fruit, floral and spicy notes. A Malbec really different with a No sulfites vinification.

Château Magdeleine Bouhou Château Magdeleine Bouhou BOHA Bottle Preview
Château Magdeleine BouhouChâteau Magdeleine Bouhou BOHA

BOHA is the traditionnal bordeaux right bank blend with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc. Here we llok for the perfect balance between crispy tannins from the skin and fruity aromas. Ther perfect everyday wine that you can imagine with a wide variety of pairing.