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Château Le Grand Verdus

8 Wines from 5 Grape Varieties

Château Le Grand Verdus Génération - Bordeaux Supérieur Bottle Preview
Château Le Grand VerdusGénération - Bordeaux Supérieur

Harvests per vine plot, sorting table, gentle fermentation for supple tannins, careful pumping over, 28/30°C maceration, for 3 weeks in average. Gentle pneumatic pressing. Malolactic in stainless steel tanks. Ageing 13 months in French oak barrels. None is new, but 1 to 3 years old. Limited racking for better fruit freshness. Light fining before filtration. Emphasizing a higher Cabernet- Franc proportion for Bordeaux,wonderful but erratic grape, this wine is a blend of youth, wisdom and experience, such as the successive family Generations that have crafted it. Selection is achieved by successive tasting of every vat after fermentation and reflects the family perception of the vintage. A full wine with soft tannins, finishing long, complex and aromatic. Enjoy, over a period of 5 to 8 years, preferably decanted. Best with a pork roast, beefsteak or a selection of cheese. As simple as that!

Château Le Grand Verdus Grande Réserve - Bordeaux Blanc Bottle Preview
Château Le Grand VerdusGrande Réserve - Bordeaux Blanc

Selection of 6 to 8 bunches from a 70 years old vine. Manual harvests and sorting before a soft pneumatic pressing. Overnight settling before going by gravity into barrels. Fermentation and ageing in oak Burgundy barrels during 9 months with stirring of the lees. No racking. Light filtration before bottling. Rare in Bordeaux by its single variety "Sémillon", our Grande Réserve is made from 70 years old vines. An exceptional terroir of clay and gravels made a wine of great intensity, and exceptional freshness. Fermentation and ageing in oak Burgundy barrels reveal a great gastronomy wine, ready for a long term ageing. Drink from now with a long ageing potential, this is a great gastronomy wine. Scallops and fish as Salmon and Cod, will match perfectly. Also be delicious with lightly sauced white meat dishes.

Château Le Grand Verdus Grande Réserve - Bordeaux Supérieur Bottle Preview
Château Le Grand VerdusGrande Réserve - Bordeaux Supérieur

Selection of 6 to 8 bunches per vine, manual harvests and sorting, smooth fermentations with manual pumpingover, 3 weeks maceration in small stainless steel tanks at 28/30°C. Gentle vertical pressing. Partial malolactic fermentation in barrels. Aged 16 months in 55% new French oak barrels, 225 and 400 Liters. Limited rackings. Individual tasting of every barrel before final blend. Light fining and filtration. Limited selection of our wine range, our “Réserve” is the last wine launched from our family line. Loyal to our Chateau style, it intensely fruity, with beautiful nuances of black berries, tobacco, and a hint of toasty characters. It has a round and savory palate, medium bodied, with round tannins and a long finish. Drink over a period of 5 to 8 years, preferably decanted. Perfect with steak dishes such as tournedos rossini, posh burgers or even a mushroom risotto.

Château Le Grand Verdus Essentiel - Bordeaux Bottle Preview
Château Le Grand VerdusEssentiel - Bordeaux

This cuvée was vinified without any addition of SO2 from the harvest to the bottling. Individual berries are selected on a sorting table followed by fermentation in concrete tanks at 28°C. During the fermentation, the must is gently pumped over the fermentation cap for smoother tannins. 20 days maceration. Gentle pneumatic pressing. 9 months in concrete tanks. Light fining before filtration to maintain a clean, bright fruit expression of the grape. Wine dominated by intensity and freshness. Lovely garnet color, ESSENTIEL will seduce you by red and black berries aromas. Very supple and round tannins coat fruity and smooth notes on the palate. This cuvée highlights purity of our terroir. Drink for 2 to 3 years, on casual cuisine, poultry, carpaccio beef or chocolate desserts. Guilty pleasures wine!