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Château L'Inclassable

4 Wines from 4 Grape Varieties

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Château L'Inclassable L'Inclassable de Rémy Fauchey Bottle Preview
Château L'InclassableL'Inclassable de Rémy Fauchey

Château L'Inclassable Château Fontaine de l'Aubier Bottle Preview
Château L'InclassableChâteau Fontaine de l'Aubier

Wines in AOC Médoc from a property certified in " Haute Valeur Environnementale »since 2013, labeled Vegan to sublimate the plant and preserve the living world and certified in Organic Agriculture since 2020. To indulge yourself more simply in a range of very interesting price/pleasure wines, Fontaine de l'Aubier will not disappoint you.

Château L'Inclassable L'Inclassable, La Biodiversité en Bouteille Végan Bottle Preview
Château L'InclassableL'Inclassable, La Biodiversité en Bouteille Végan

This special Nature reserve is a highlight of our work and our commitment to biodiversity. Maturing in 500 L jars made from Italian clays, in the age-old tradition of the first wines. The particular vinification of this wine allows the freshness of the fruit to be highlighted.

Château L'Inclassable Château L'Inclassable Bottle Preview
Château L'InclassableChâteau L'Inclassable

A unique blend in Médoc. A highlight of our ancestral grape varieties with Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot and aging in 400 liter barrels, bringing personality, character and delicacy.