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Château L’ Évangile

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Château L’ Évangile Château L’Évangile Bottle Preview
Château L’ ÉvangileChâteau L’Évangile

Château L’Evangile’s wines are described in an old edition of “Grand Vins de Bordeaux”, as “full-bodied and elegant, with incomparable finesse”.

Château L’ Évangile Blason de L’Évangile Bottle Preview
Château L’ ÉvangileBlason de L’Évangile

Blason de L’Evangile is selected from the same vats that are used to make the Grand Vin. It has characteristics similar to the Grand Vin, but less potential for ageing as it is matured in barrels for a shorter period of time. It should be drunk younger than its more robust counterpart.