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"Château Haut Gros Caillou is located in Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens, to the south of Saint- Emilion, in the immediate vicinity of such prestigious Crus as Château Monbousquet. In 1991, the property was acquired by Alain Thiénot, in a joint venture with James François, with the aim of extending the existing range of wines to include some of the noblest Bordeaux appellations. 2007 marked a fundamental step in this quest for quality, when Dourthe became part of the Thiénot Group. The valued expert input from the Dourthe team was asked to intervene both in the vineyard and winery. Today, the team plays a vital role in ensuring Saint-Emilion Grand Cru status across the entire portfolio of wines." Patrick Jestin
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Château Haut Gros Caillou
France, Gironde

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Château Haut Gros CaillouChâteau Haut Gros Caillou

Château Haut Gros Caillou extends over 7 ha of vineyards, and includes some exceptional gravel parcels. The care invested in both the vineyard and winery has been optimised to guarantee the finest grape expression. Retaining fruit character to reveal optimum flavour is in fact the overarching objective at Château Haut Gros Caillou. Aged for 12 months in barriques, the wines produced at Château Haut Gros Caillou are fruity, elegant, delicately oaked and very supple - typical of this area of Saint-Emilion.