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Chateau Gazin formerly belonged to the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem (the Order of Malta) and is one of the largest estates in its appellation. The vineyard is in a single block on the upper part of the famous Pomerol plateau.
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1 chemin de Chantecaille
France, Gironde


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Château Gazin's 2010 vintage is undoubtedly a great wine, like almost all Bordeaux 2010 wines. It will easily age 30 years or more, and it wil age more like Bordeaux wines than will the 2009s, which were also quite successful, though in a different register more reliant upon power. In fact, 2010 is all about smoothness and finesse, offering excellent but not excessive volume to the taste, with a soft and still slightly tannic finish. The alcohol level is 14.5°, but you wouldn't know it because the ripe, finely-textured tannins are abundant enough to balance out the wine. The woodiness is already perfectly melded and accompanies a complex bouquet of black and red berry, tobacco, almond, vanilla and chocolate...The taste is lingering and silky. This is a heady, fresh wine without heaviness. The Cabernet francs and Sauvignons (14%) wonderfully balance the merlots (86%) of this wine. After 9 or 10 years of aging (2020), this 2010 will also offer the traditional notes of Pomerol wines: truffle, humus, fur, leather, and will beautifully pair with red meat and any type of game, including fowl. The Château Gazin produced 78,000 bottles of vintage 2010 (and 34,000 bottles of its second wine, the Hospitalet de Gazin), with a yield of 39 hl per hectare.