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A brief history

The wines of the Château FORGE CELESTE have their roots in the terroir of Saint-Émilion. This internationally renowned bastion of taste is a village with rich historical heritage, surrounded by a hillside and natural ecosystem which Matthieu and Karine Verhaeghe fervently protect. By choosing to cultivate naturally since 2001, they are looking to the future, with respect for the land and the plains surrounding them at heart. They are pioneers of biological fermentation, working in harmony with the lunar calendar to create their wines for a unique and natural tasting experience.
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11 Bis Berthonneau
France, Gironde


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Château Forge Celeste Château Forge Céleste Organic USDA & Vegan Bottle Preview
Château Forge CelesteChâteau Forge Céleste Organic USDA & Vegan

Premier Saint Emilion certifié Organic USDA