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Château Ferrande

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Château Ferrande Château Ferrande Blanc Bottle Preview
Château FerrandeChâteau Ferrande Blanc

Château Ferrande is all about fresh fruit, combining notes of mango with grapefruit, and a characteristic touch of ginger. The winemaking process, especially the barrel-aging, is focussed on precision, bringing elegant notes of vanilla that add to the wine's complexity. Château Ferrande balances freshness and boldness, with a full-bodied structure. The distinctly saline finish is part of the property's unique identity.

Château Ferrande Château Ferrande Rouge Bottle Preview
Château FerrandeChâteau Ferrande Rouge

Château Ferrande is a distinguished red. Its deep red colour hides aromas of dark fruit, liquorice, nuts, and a hint of cocoa. Initial elegance gives way to a full body, with soft tannins and notes of ripe fruit. The finish is lively with mentholated notes.