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Château de Sales is located in the north-west of the Pomerol appellation. With 47.6 hectares (117 acres) under vine out of the 90 hectares (222 acres) that make up the property, it is the largest vineyard in the Pomerol appellation. Except for three hectares (7 acres) that were lost during the French Revolution, the property limits are the same as they were in 1578.
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11, Chemin de Sales
France, Gironde


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Château de Sales Château de Sales Grand vin de Pomerol Bottle Preview
Château de SalesChâteau de Sales Grand vin de Pomerol

Château de Sales, the first wine of the estate, embodies the complexity and refinement of its terroir. A wine to be aged, it is made from rigorously selected grapes with a majority of Merlot.

Château de Sales Château Chantalouette Bottle Preview
Château de SalesChâteau Chantalouette

Château Chantalouette, the second wine of Château de Sales, is made using the same methods in the vineyard and in the winery as for the first wine. It is made from a second selection, after that which makes up the first wine. A round and fruit-forward wine, it is attractive to younger consumers.