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A brief history

Château de REIGNAC is ideally situated at the confluence of the Dordogne and Garonne Rivers (the “Entre Deux Mers”). REIGNAC offers a unique quality, that of reuniting the best types of terroir of both the Right and the Left Banks in a single estate.

Reignac offers the best Bordeaux quality price ratio, confirmed by blind tasting by European Grand Jury and scores awarded by the world’s leading tasters. Qualitative consistency of our wines results from our obsession for quality and our great terroir.

The original Château was built by Seigneur Baude de Peyron in the 16th century. Remodeled in the 18th and 19th centuries. A remarkable greenhouse was designed by Gustave EIFFEL, the man who created the tower that bears his name in Paris. Yves and Stephanie Vatelot, purchased REIGNAC in 1990 and have worked continuously ever since to restore the state to its former glory while introducing numerous innovations. The very talented Michel Rolland is their consulting oenologist.
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Château de Reignac 38 Chemin de Reignac
France, Gironde


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Château de Reignac Château de Reignac Wine Bottle Preview
Château de ReignacChâteau de Reignac Wine

Château de Reignac, our second wine, represents an impressive balance of delicacy and bright fruitiness. Its quality is awarded every year with multiple gold medals.

Château de Reignac R de Reignac Bottle Preview
Château de ReignacR de Reignac

Château de Reignac Grand Vin de Reignac Bottle Preview
Château de ReignacGrand Vin de Reignac

The two best terroir of the Right Bank (clay-chalky rise) and the Left Bank (flat-gravel rise) of Bordeaux are united in our premium wine, the Grand Vin de Reignac. The eulogistic comments of the international press and its exceptional performances during blind tasting classify Reignac among the moat prestigious wine in the world, offering you the best price-pleasure ratio.

Château de Reignac The White of Reignac Bottle Preview
Château de ReignacThe White of Reignac

Yves and Stéphanie Vatelot decided to plant 2 ha of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Sauvignon Gris on a specially chosen terroir consisting of big polished gravels.

Château de Reignac BALTHVS Bottle Preview
Château de ReignacBALTHVS

The owner of Reignac, Yves Vatelot, fashioned this special cuvée of 100% Merlot, fermented in new French oak barrels according ti Mr Vatelot's patented method. Balthvs represents the perfect blend of an immense terroir, tiny yields and passionate proprietor.