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A brief history

Château Croix Mouton is positioned in the commune of Lugon, on the clay soils of ‘Ile de Carney’. The setting is bucolic with true rural charm, and during the harvest period we take in the early-morning sunrise over the misty Dordogne river from the winery. As the day passes, sail boats and cruisers occasionally glide past, punctuating the still calm.
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Château Croix Mouton, lieu dit Mouton
France, Gironde


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Château Croix Mouton Chateau Croix-Mouton Bottle Preview
Château Croix MoutonChateau Croix-Mouton

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Château Croix MoutonLa Reserve du Château Croix-Mouton

The ‘reserve’ of Château Croix Mouton is accessible, round and fruit-driven. Produced in the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation, it responds to stringent expectations with freshness and a sense of origin. Our ‘reserve’ is destined to be shared and enjoyed in its youth among friends.

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Château Croix Mouton20 mille

20 000 vines/hectare, all work at the vine and in the winery is carried out by hand Vingt Mille is our most exclusive wine, produced on just 1.4 hectares (3.5 acres) of vineyard. The wine is born from a desire to break the rules, innovate and push the expression of the terroir to its very limits. Planted at 20,000 vines per hectare, the vineyard is like a Japanese garden. The vines are bonzaïs, producing just 3 bunches of exceptionally concentrated fruit. Jean Philippe Janoueix created a truly grand cru wine that exudes voluptuousness and complexity. Only three to five thousand bottles are produced each vintage, and only in excellent vintages.