- Successive manual sorting of the grapes throughout the year on the vine with final sorting very close to harvest. - Picking off of grapes in the vineyard (and not de-stemming) - Three automated levels of sorting plus one manual sorting - Transfer of the harvest by conveyor belt (no screw) - Temperature controlled stainless steel vats - Working of the fine lees - Long maceration, pneumatic pressing with gravity feed L mechanical harvesting is an option for quality as part of a “technical approach » : - Substantial and high quality harvesting potential (to draw maximum benefit from the good weather spells), - Reasoning and logic of picking plot by plot. - Analysis of ripeness using the method of Professor GLORIES.


- Ventilated, air-conditioned premises - Systematic supervision of corks, bottles and the entire bottling operation. - Traceability: Systematic recording of all operations in the vat-room and cellars (standard 178/2002) - EAN 128 - Web EDI