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Vignobles Raymond

A brief history

Historically, the Raymond Family owns a farm dedicated to polyculture in Saint Laurent du Bois, 50km from Bordeaux. It was in 1850 that the construction of a vineyard began, with facets still well hidden, in the heart of the Entre Deux Mers.
In 1980, Jean-Pierre Raymond took over the farm, which then represented 30 hectares of which only 15 hectares were dedicated to viticulture.
Very quickly, the exploitation turns completely into vineyard and the Château de Lagarde grows with 70 hectares on 2 other communes: Saint-Félix-de-Foncaude and Saint-Martial.
In 2000, Lionel Raymond took over from his father Jean-Pierre Raymond, then the 7th generation of winemakers.
In addition to doubling the land area, Lionel converts the entire farm into organic; the adventure of bio is launched!
Thus, the Raymond family manages the largest farm to produce organic wine in Bordeaux with 130 hectares.
The Raymond family continues to improve their know-how in organic production with today 180 hectares certified organic.
Concerned about the quality of products, these production techniques appeal to consumers, indeed, in 2012, Vignobles Raymond sold about 5 million bottles.
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Established in 1850

3 Lagarde
France, Gironde