Expressive nose displaying cherries notes and exo- tic fruits. New barrel gives smoked toffee scents.


Lovely quality texture on the palate, fine-grain tannins . An aromatic wine.

Growing Conditions

A beautiful september month. The harvest gives matured vermilion berries. A splendid metamorphosis was made thanks to 14th in oak barrels.


Viticulture : To temper the natural vigour of vines, we carry out a short pruning at the end of winter. In addition during the summer we do a ‘green harvest’ in order to help ripening and the concentration of the remaining bunches. The date of harvest is decided by tasting and analysis. Harvest: By machine and by hand in the early morning. A double sorting table is used to ensure that only the finest grapes go into the vats for fermen- taion.


Cold soak at 10 to 12°C for four days in order to extract tan- nins, aromas and anthocyanin colour pigments. Alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts in temperature controlled stainless steel vats which regulate temperatures to between 20°C and 28°C during fermentation and enable regu- lar ‘pushing down’ and ‘pumping overs’ to take place. Maceration takes place over a period of five weeks. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel vats.


14 months in French oak barrels (225 litres). Bottling takes place with a tangential filter.


Deep garnet color with slighly amber lights.