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Château Saransot Dupré

A brief history

In 1756 Guillaume Raymond, barrel-maker in Listrac, bought his first vineyards and, in doing so, unknowingly initiated a long line of winemakers which continues to this day.
In 1875 Ovide Raymond, his great grandson, made a breakthrough and bought two of the finest vineyard estates in Listrac. However, he only had a few years of relief before phylloxera invaded the vineyard and destroyed the vines. Mildew then followed in 1882 ravaging the Médoc and wiped out the harvest. The Raymond family was broke and the Ovide’s widow was forced to sell the vineyards of ‘Dupré’ with a heavy heart through the courts.

Luckily her father was able to purchase the vineyards of ‘Saransot Dupré which he gave back to his daughter. It is his great grandson, Yves Raymond, a graduate oenologist, who runs the property today.
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4 Rue Grande Rue entrée 2, avenue de Soulac
France, Gironde