The initial nose offers remarkable depth. Aeration reveals the complexity of truly great years. All the characteristics are present: freshness, precision, and purity.


On the palate, the wine presents an impressive combination of power and finesse. The finish is tremendously long and harmonious. As is often the case in exceptional vintages, the sweetness is masked by the wine’s balance. A magnificent Rieussec that is already sublime and will still be so in ten and many more years’ time.

Growing Conditions

By the end of August, we had been able to see the positive effect of this early and cool year in Sauternes. The rains in mid-September were ideal, falling on a perfectly ripe and healthy crop, thus allowing the Botrytis to take good hold. With the return of dry and cool weather, everything came together perfectly; the successive passes and the concentrations, punctuated by harvesting at historic speed, revealing a vintage with exceptional aromatic intensity.


18 to 26 months depending on the year, 50 to 55% in new barrels.


Beautiful pale gold colour.