The nose offers aromas of very ripe red fruit, black cherry and mild spices.


The attack is silky, delicate and smooth. The persistent, subtle and intense finish is underpinned by the freshness of the fruit. The tannins are fresh and harmonious. As a whole it is full, opulent and luscious. It is a well-balanced wine, accessible and vigorous, elegant and powerful.

Growing Conditions

2018 was characterised by moderate winter temperatures with no extremes. There was regular rainfall from early December to the end of March. The total rainfall was significant, exceeding 500 mm, that is to say approximately 180 mm above average. Spring was mild, followed by a very hot, dry summer. Bud break, which started in early April, was consistent. However, more heavy rainfall and optimum temperatures favoured the development of cryptogamic diseases, leading to very significant crop losses in places. Flowering started at the end of May and continued smoothly. Great care was taken to protect the health of the vines up until the end of July. Then a phase of water stress, unfavourable to grape growth, gradually increased leading up to the harvest. Average and maximum temperatures were very high between bunch closure and the end of veraison, lower than in 2003 but slightly higher than in 2005. Veraison began in the early sectors in the last week of July and mid-veraison in early August. Moderate temperatures resulted in very good ripening conditions. 2018 was comparable to 2005, with earlier development than in 2015. This early tendency for sunny weather continued until the end of the harvest. High temperatures and water stress were optimum for the anthocyanic richness of the skins and early ripening of the tannins. At the same time, the potential alcohol content increased rapidly, total acidity and malic acid levels were low and pH high.


The Merlot from the Sainte Anne plot were harvested on 19th and 20th September, the Cabernet Franc on 4th October, the Cabernet-Sauvignon on 9th October and the Petit Verdot 10th October.


70% from barrels of one vintage, 30% in new barrels for 12 months


Les Tourelles de Longueville 2018 reveals a wonderfully intense ruby red colour.