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Château Petit Bocq

A brief history

The year 1972 saw the birth of the first bottle of Saint-Estèphe labeled under the brand “Château Petit Bocq”. Fruit of a vineyard of barely two hectares ideally oriented towards the Gironde at the localities "Le Puy" and "Marbuzet", the wine shone with the finesse of Merlot which, at the time, largely dominated the blend ( 80%). The owner of Château Petit Bocq, Francis Souquet, an experienced winegrower and great connoisseur of Médoc terroirs, was none other than the head of culture of the famous Château Ducru Beaucaillou, the second classified grand cru of Saint-Julien. Although the quality of Petit Bocq wine was already recognized by, among others, Ginestet and Parker; too recent, too small and too modest, the cru could not then claim the accession to the title of cru bourgeois.

The typicity of the Château Petit Bocq vineyard, which also makes it its strength, lies in the diversity of the terroirs scattered over more than 90 plots spread over the entire Saint-Estèphe appellation.

This plot mosaic allows you to play on the entire Saint-Estèphe terroir, which has the reputation of being incredibly rich and varied. It is undoubtedly from there that the alchemy of the assembly of Château Petit Bocq is born.
Each year, the vineyard is planted in order to maintain competition between the vines and a good state of production.

Planting density, still very high in Haut-Médoc, fluctuates between 8,333 and 10,000 vines / ha depending on the plots.
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3 Rue de la Croix de Pez
France, Gironde