Today, Château Fonréaud's 2012 vintage is gourmet: delicious fruit aromas.


A velvety structure, a remarkable harmony.

Growing Conditions

The flower took place in variable climatic conditions causing a delay and heterogeneity of maturity on some plots. Spring and summer with contrasting weather demanded increased monitoring of the vineyard. Maturation was slow but favored by the mild temperatures of autumn. The reasoned management of the vineyard: soil cultivation, weedings, adapted leafing, duplication have allowed to regulate the load of each foot and to lead the grape to maturity. In the end, a very nice surprise!


The harvest lasted 15 days and ended on October 16th, just before a period of torrential rains.


The vinification went smoothly, helped by moderate alcohol content and mild outdoor temperatures. After 3 weeks of maceration, the wines softened and became sweeter. The Merlots are colorful, round and ample with beautiful aromas of ripe fruit. Cabernets sauvignons are concentrated in color and structure, with red fruit nose and peppery notes. The aging in barrels has perfected this promising balance.


30% new Oak barrels