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A brief history

What started as a small family vineyard 53 years ago has turned into a 1,679 km² of various sorts of grapes and, what is now, the biggest vineyard in the country. Still family run, the vineyard is being fueled by our love towards high-quality wine and devotion to bringing it to you. Organically grown and mindfully sorted, our grapes provide a taste that has won multiple awards, both locally and internationally.

Just like our winegrowing brethren in Sicily, we haven’t had multiple centuries to study the intricacies of our terroir—the sense of place created by the interaction of soils, climate, and topography.

Since 1973, we have been determining the best way to grow incredible grapes here, and we are continually refining our vineyard as our knowledge and experience grow.
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Established in 1973

163 Rue Larroque
France, Gironde