Growing Conditions

The winter was very rainy, with temperatures in February and March below the last thirty year averages. The spring was also rainy, but was still in average temperatures. This wet weather continued until the end of June, causing heavy attacks of downy mildew on the vineyard. Fortunately, hot dry weather arrived in July and continued until the harvests which took place in optimal conditions. The abundant aquifers have favored the development of the vine allowing to have perfect conditions throughout the phenological stages. This explains the great wealth of the vintage and its opulence! A great vintage. Integrated Pest Control (mechanical work, organic fertilisation), Weather Station (phytosanitary protection), Prophylaxis (thinning out the leaves, removal of excess buds and shoots, green harvest). Heightening of the trellis. Manual harvesting, selection on a belt in the vineyard and double sorting at the harvest reception. 100% of the surface is managed according to the principles of Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture. Garonne gravel from the first quaternary, settled more than 600 000 years ago.


Double reception of harvest and weighing of the crop. Plot selection in the tank (grape variety, terroir, age, ...)


- Tanks: 50% wood | 50% cement (thermo-regulated tanks) - Alcoholic fermentation: Yeast addition | Fermentation temperatures: 24°C - 26°C | Daily tasting of each tank - Maceration: 20 - 30 days at adapted temperatures | Work on the lees in the grape-pomace during the maceration period after fermentation - Pressing: 3 vertical presses | Immediate transfer of the press wine into barrels | Tasting and selection of three press wines among the barrels - Malolactic fermentation: Together with the alcoholic fermentation by co- inoculation


18 - 24 months in French, fine grain, oak barrels (80% new, the rest 1-2 years old)