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A brief history

Château de Birot is a property which dates back from the seventeenth century. In 1760, Mr de Parouty, lawyer at the Parliament of Bordeaux, and major vineyard owner in Bordeaux, has enlarged the property. Chateau Birot was then the centre of an agricultural area of which the best terroir of coast were devoted to the vine, making it one of the most ancient vineyards in Bordeaux. Located on a plateau overlooking the Garonne, this property offers a panorama unparalleled in the region, against a backdrop of Château d'Yquem.
The property covers 25 ha, 20 of them planted with vines. Situated on clay and limestone hillsides and on the gravel outcrops overlooking the Garonne, the vineyard is blessed with an exceptional south-south-west outlook.
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8 rue de Reynon
France, Gironde