Elegant on the nose with ripe citrus aromas, combined with delicate touches of almond and linden flower.


Fruity, fresh, mineral and airy on the palate. Quince and crystallised orange notes come through, paired with subtle hints of white peach and a touch of honey and caramel in the finish.

Growing Conditions

The weather conditions during the summer months were particularly conducive to producing very fine wines. A hot, dry summer gave way to a very balanced autumn, allowing superb Botrytis cinerea to develop. The harvests were very fine, and only three passes were required to deplete the vines. The wines are astonishingly pure.


From September 20th to October 17th 2009


In temperature-controlled vats


12 to 18 months in oak barrels, (1/3 new oak)

Food Pairing

Chicken roasted, asian food, blue cheeses, desserts