Haut-Médoc is the Left Bank’s biggest appellation with a diversity of flavors and quality wines. Age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon and easy drinking Merlot-based wines.

Haut-Médoc has a diversity of qualities and styles of red wines: age-worthy, structured Cabernet Sauvignon wines of Grand Cru Classé to high-quality-yet-crushable Merlot-based blends.

A diversity that comes from the range of soil types and proximity to the Gironde estuary. If you know where to look, the price to quality ratio is one of the best in Bordeaux.

Château Cantemerle in Haut-Médoc After sunset at Château Cantemerle in Haut-Médoc.

Haut-Médoc Wines

Atypically for the Left Bank, many wines in Haut-Médoc are Merlot dominant alongside Cabernet Sauvignon. This means that it's often possible to find smoother tannins, red plum characters, and wines that are easier to enjoy after less time in the cellar.

It’s important to note that only red wines can carry the “Haut-Médoc” label.

Because of the diversity of soils, amazing, age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon-dominant wines are available here, with loads of tannin, deep color, and herbaceous notes, cassis, tobacco, and leather.

This appellation is often overlooked as people flock to better known areas, but it can offer some great value. However, with 5 Grands Crus Classé wineries here, it's easy to find high-quality!

Haut-Médoc Wineries To Know

Château La Lagune - the southernmost Cru Classé winery in the Médoc, a Third Growth offering Cabernet Sauvignon dominant, age-worthy wines.

Château La Tour-Carnet - Fourth Growth, and also the largest Cru Classé winery in the Médoc with over 175 hectares.

Château Belgrave - Third Growth situated near Saint-Julien with equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot planted.

Château Camensac - Fifth Growth moving toward biodynamic viticulture.

Château Cantemerle - Fifth Growth with a high percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Château Bellevue - They have a 100% Petit Verdot - one of the few single variety wines in Bordeaux

Haut-Médoc Terroir

The biggest appellation of the Left Bank, Haut-Médoc spans 37 miles (60km) north to south, which means there is lots of diversity in the terroir. Gravel outcrops, clay, and the distance from the Gironde Estuary, all play a crucial role in what type of terroir a specific winery will have.

Closer to the estuary the temperature shifts are more moderate, not too warm or cool. The further inland you go, the faster the temperature can drop at night.

All of this diversity means you can find a range of wine styles and quality. Terrific, age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines are more common at the northern end of the appellation, where the soil has more gravel.

Haut-Médoc Facts and Classification Information
  • 10,670 acres (4318 ha) in size
  • 301 winemakers
  • Grapes planted: 49% Merlot, 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petit Verdot, 3% Cabernet Franc
  • Established as an AOC in 1935.
  • Range of gravel mounds, clay, and sand are the major soil types.
  • The largest appellation on the Left Bank, also one of the few with more Merlot than Cabernet Sauvignon planted.
  • 5 Grands Crus Classé wineries
    • 1 Third Growth
    • 1 Fourth Growth
    • 3 Fifth Growths

Wines of Haut-Médoc

100 Wines from 85 Wineries

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Vignobles de Larose Château Arnauld Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseChâteau Arnauld

Château Barreyres Château Barreyres Bottle Preview
Château BarreyresChâteau Barreyres

Château du Moulin Rouge Château Beau Secret Bottle Preview
Château du Moulin RougeChâteau Beau Secret

Château Bel Air Gloria Château Bel Air Gloria Bottle Preview
Château Bel Air GloriaChâteau Bel Air Gloria

Château Bellegrave du Poujeau Château Bellegrave du Poujeau Cru Bourgeois Bottle Preview
Château Bellegrave du PoujeauChâteau Bellegrave du Poujeau Cru Bourgeois

Château Bibian Château Bibian Bottle Preview
Château BibianChâteau Bibian

Château Cantemerle Château Cantemerle Wine Bottle Preview
Château CantemerleChâteau Cantemerle Wine

Château Charmail Château Charmail Bottle Preview
Château CharmailChâteau Charmail

Château Corconnac Château Corconnac Bottle Preview
Château CorconnacChâteau Corconnac

Château Corconnac Château Corconnac White Bottle Preview
Château CorconnacChâteau Corconnac White

Château Croix du Trale Château Croix du Trale Bottle Preview
Château Croix du TraleChâteau Croix du Trale

Château d'Arcins Château d'Arcins Bottle Preview
Château d'ArcinsChâteau d'Arcins

Château de Malleret Château de Malleret Bottle Preview
Château de MalleretChâteau de Malleret

Château Doyac Château Doyac Bottle Preview
Château DoyacChâteau Doyac

Château du Moulin Rouge Château du Moulin Rouge Bottle Preview
Château du Moulin RougeChâteau du Moulin Rouge

Château du Retout Château Du Retoit Bottle Preview
Château du RetoutChâteau Du Retoit

Château du Taillan Château du Taillan Bottle Preview
Château du TaillanChâteau du Taillan

Château Fonpiqueyre Château Finpiqueyre Bottle Preview
Château FonpiqueyreChâteau Finpiqueyre

Château Fontesteau Château Fontesteau Bottle Preview
Château FontesteauChâteau Fontesteau

Château Grand Clapeau Olivier Château Grand Clapeau Olivier Bottle Preview
Château Grand Clapeau OlivierChâteau Grand Clapeau Olivier

Château d'Hanteillan Château Hanteillan Bottle Preview
Château d'HanteillanChâteau Hanteillan

Château Haut Beyzac Château Haut Beyzac Bottle Preview
Château Haut BeyzacChâteau Haut Beyzac

Château Haut Madrac Château Haut Madras Bottle Preview
Château Haut MadracChâteau Haut Madras

Château Pontoise Cabarrus Château Hauts de Plaisance Bottle Preview
Château Pontoise CabarrusChâteau Hauts de Plaisance

Château Hourtin-Ducasse Château Hourtin-Ducasse Bottle Preview
Château Hourtin-DucasseChâteau Hourtin-Ducasse

Château La Fon du Berger Château La Fin du Berger Bottle Preview
Château La Fon du BergerChâteau La Fin du Berger

Alliance des Récoltants Château La Gravière Bottle Preview
Alliance des RécoltantsChâteau La Gravière

Château La Lauzette-Declercq Château La Lauzette - Declercq Bottle Preview
Château La Lauzette-DeclercqChâteau La Lauzette - Declercq

Domaines Fabre Château Landat Bottle Preview
Domaines FabreChâteau Landat

Château Lanessan Haut-Médoc Château Lanessan, Haut-Médoc Bottle Preview
Château Lanessan Haut-MédocChâteau Lanessan, Haut-Médoc

Vignobles de Larose Château Larose Perganson Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseChâteau Larose Perganson

Vignobles de Larose Château Larose Trintaudon Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseChâteau Larose Trintaudon

Domaines Fabre Château La Tonnelle Bottle Preview
Domaines FabreChâteau La Tonnelle

Château La Tour Carnet Château La Tour Carnet Red Bottle Preview
Château La Tour CarnetChâteau La Tour Carnet Red

Château le Bourdieu Vertheuil Château Le Bourdieu Vertheuil Cru Bourgeois Bottle Preview
Château le Bourdieu VertheuilChâteau Le Bourdieu Vertheuil Cru Bourgeois

Domaines Fabre Château Le Chêne Bottle Preview
Domaines FabreChâteau Le Chêne

Barton & Guestier - Château Magnol Château Magnol Bottle Preview
Barton & Guestier - Château MagnolChâteau Magnol

Château Malescasse Château Malescasse Bottle Preview
Château MalescasseChâteau Malescasse

Château Moulin de Blanchon Château Moulin De Blancon Cru Bourgeois Bottle Preview
Château Moulin de BlanchonChâteau Moulin De Blancon Cru Bourgeois

Château Paloumey Château Paloumey Bottle Preview
Château PaloumeyChâteau Paloumey

Château Peyrat-Fourthon Château Peyrat-Fourthon Bottle Preview
Château Peyrat-FourthonChâteau Peyrat-Fourthon

Château Peyredon Lagravette Château Peyredon Lagravette Cru Bourgeois Bottle Preview
Château Peyredon LagravetteChâteau Peyredon Lagravette Cru Bourgeois

Château Reysson Château Reysson Bottle Preview
Château ReyssonChâteau Reysson

Château Sociando-Mallet Château Sociando-Mallet Bottle Preview
Château Sociando-MalletChâteau Sociando-Mallet

Château Tour du Haut-Moulin Château Tour du Haut Moulin Cru Bourgeois Bottle Preview
Château Tour du Haut-MoulinChâteau Tour du Haut Moulin Cru Bourgeois

Château Tourteran Château Tourteran Bottle Preview
Château TourteranChâteau Tourteran

Alliance des Récoltants Château Verdignan Bottle Preview
Alliance des RécoltantsChâteau Verdignan

Château VIctoria Château Victoria Bottle Preview
Château VIctoriaChâteau Victoria

Château d'Arcins Chevalier d'Arcins Bottle Preview
Château d'ArcinsChevalier d'Arcins

Clos la Bohème Clos La Bohème Bottle Preview
Clos la BohèmeClos La Bohème

Château Belgrave Couronne De Belgrave Bottle Preview
Château BelgraveCouronne De Belgrave