Overshadowed by its right-bank neighbors, Fronsac produces fantastic Merlot blends that are age-worthy, with silky tannins and performs particularly well in warm vintages.

Fronsac has a wine making history going back to Roman times and is one of the few places in Bordeaux with steep slopes. Fronsac is often overlooked, but it can produce age-worthy, structured Merlot-based wines with plum, spice, and chocolate notes. As a cooler part of Bordeaux it does particularly well in warm vintages.

Fronsac Facts and Classification Information
  • Size: 1955 acres (791 ha)
  • Major Grapes: 78% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Franc, and 7% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Established: 1937
  • Major soils: Limestone with some clay
  • 87 wineries
  • Canon-Fronsac is a separate appellation but is geographically within the Fronsac appellation.


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Wines of Fronsac

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Vignobles Coudert Château Castagnac Bottle Preview
Vignobles CoudertChâteau Castagnac

Château De La Dauphine Château de La Dauphine Bottle Preview
Château De La DauphineChâteau de La Dauphine

Vignobles Hermouet CLOS DU ROY - RED FRONSAC Bottle Preview
Vignobles HermouetCLOS DU ROY - RED FRONSAC

Château De La Dauphine Delphis de La Dauphine Bottle Preview
Château De La DauphineDelphis de La Dauphine